25 April, 2013
At one time, archpriest Grigol Gogichadze voiced the will of Sandro Girgvliani’s (divulged criminal case in which Interior Ministry’s high-ranking persons were involved) mother and expressed doubt that Irina Enukidze (Girgvliani’s mother) was poisoned. The archpriest got in touch with our Holding again.
Father Grigol Gogichadze: I called the ‘National Movement’ a Satanist sect. This filthy force almost drew the church to dissidence. They did their best to win over the clergy and blackmail them – they reminded some of
them of old sins and human weaknesses, others were defamed and struggle against them began by using the clergy who were implanted by them. The ‘Nationals’ attempted to bring priests to the 19 April action. I know what was going on at that time but I won’t indulge in saying everything.
Q. – What do you mean?
A. – Girgvliani’s assassination, Irina Enikidze’s poisoning. Before death Irina, my spiritual daughter, told me that she wasn’t dying of natural death, that she was killed! Certainly, the Georgian nation can’t forget bloody May 26 either. The prison recordings completely revealed the authorities’ face. But didn’t we know what was going on in prisons? How many inmates confessed to me … I remember that it took me a lot of efforts to make a prisoner, who wanted to commit suicide, change his mind. This inmate was a believer, serving his sentence in # 8 Gldani prison.
Q. – Did you tell the Patriarch about it?
A. – Of course I did. But he had more information than I. He was very anxious about this.
At the beginning, they tried to win me over too, offering many temptations. They wanted to dig some dirt up on me, but after failing, they started attacks…
They supplied His Holiness with false information about me and presumably reproached me for indocility. When a child died of hunger in Variani, I took ‘Maestro’ journalists to the village to record that tragedy; they kept calling and threatening me. Once I was driving my car to Akhaldaba; a black Jeep crossed my way and drove directly in my direction. I saw that there were special task force employees in the car. I was frightened, swerved at a high speed in order to avoid crash and exactly at that time my car overturned. I was saved miraculously. But being frightened, I didn’t disclose all this and said that somebody had cut the brake hoses of my car. At that time, I was receiving anonymous calls; they cursed, threatened to liquidate me. Once they even intimidated to rape me.
Lately they introduced homosexuality to every sphere. Like Communists, the ‘Nationals’ tarnished the church with filth and at that, they did it in a more disgusting way.
Especially, they dealt shortly with those who said the truth. They shot those whom they couldn’t poison; they blackmailed and deprived of all the property those whom they couldn’t shoot. They burnt my farm, didn’t allow me to have trout fishery. I can’t understand it – they had the impudence to ask people to attend 19 April action and support them.