New Book by Prof.Tvalchrelidze
09 May, 2013
New Book by Prof.Tvalchrelidze
‘Economics of Commodities and Commodity Markets’ (906 pages) was written in the English language by the author and published in New York, and it is available on Professor Alexander G. Tvalchrelidze is giving in his fresh techno-economical opus a detailed monographic description of the main commodities: crude oil, natural gas, coal, uranium, iron, manganese, aluminum, chromium, nickel, cobalt, titanium, copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver, platinum group metals, rare metals including molybdenum, tungsten and tin, industrial minerals, diamond and gems,
food commodities and livestock. This book includes characteristics of the world’s crude oil and natural gas network, information on crude oil, LNG, and coal ports and terminals, tanker and LNG fleet, new world pipeline projects, etc. Information on geopolitics and geo-economy of commodities as well as comparative and correlation analysis of commodity prices are also given.
I do not know how many Georgians in this country and beyond its boundaries would be familiar with the intrinsic value of the book at the disposal of connoisseurs or amateurs equally to read and draw from, but it definitely is a huge matter of pride for all of us the patriots of this nation, who want to see Georgia on international arena, radiating with knowledge, professionalism and intellect. I have stated many times and I am reiterating now that we do not own much to sell. Our intellectual potential is the most valuable commodity we could be trading internationally and making money with. The book is a glaring corroboration of this recurring statement of mine.
As the author himself puts it, the book would be useful and interesting for students of economics, business administration, economic geology, economists, civil servants, business managers, commodity investors, and of course for general public. The introduction to the book emphasizes that the analytical presentation of each commodity essentially represents an independent essay and may very well be used distracted from the rest of the chapters. This is exactly why each and every chapter includes a separate detailed list of references.
In the Conclusions made at the end of the book, the reader is offered a succinct but comprehensive-in-its-substance analysis of the current economic and geopolitical situation in the world, ridden with shocks and crises. As a matter of fact, pages from 885 to 891 can easily work as a compact lecture on current economic situation on the planet, meant for any audience that needs to be well versed in matters of economic life on the planet.
The book is published in a very presentable hard cover, designed with great taste and meaning which makes it even more valuable. Cover is cover, but once you delve into its numerous pages, you don’t want to stop perusing through them because they are giving the answers to numerous questions that one had asked many times in life but never had the ready answer without going to many different sources, often doing this without any luck and success.
Professor Alexander G. Tvalchrelidze has more than 30 years of experience under his belt in studying mineral commodities and their impact on economic development. What seems most interesting though is that the idea of writing this book had occurred to him during the stressful days of the August of 2008 Russian-Georgian War, when the entire civilized world was doing its best to stop another human delirium. As the author comments with a sense of regret that although he had known quite well the tools of doing this, he had no chance to get the message across. Actually, he was conscious of plain realities that nobody had thought of at that time. Hence, the desire to introduce certain improvements into deviated human behavior is the prerequisite of writing this significant work.
To conclude, the book is the consequence of the author’s scientific and informative efforts of lifetime, triggered and fulfilled in a burst if inspiration, impressing us with the depth of professional lore and sense of unadulterated desire to make the world a more rational place to live than it is as is.
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