Tipsy Outdoor Festival
16 May, 2013
Tipsy Outdoor Festival
On May 11, at the Ethnographic Museum under the open sky (below Turtle Lake), New Wine Festival was held for the fourth time. It was meant to be the most democratic festival that is free for everybody, once again reminding us that we live in Georgia - the cradle of wine, which is already a landmark registered in Europe.
The wine companies were presented in abundance together with family-type wine houses called Marani. Malkhaz Kharbedia, Founder of Wine Club and
traditional MC, opened the Festival: “I congratulate you on the fourth New Wine festival. It is called so because we taste the wines from the last harvest. It is a good chance to share our impressions as well as to have small debates too. It is impossible to imagine the development of winemaking without tasteful and cheerful consumers. I wish them love and wine in abundance.”
The next speaker was Levan Davitashvili, Head of National Wine Agency, the main supporter of the festival: “Such festivals are tradition in every self-respecting wine country. It boosts better tariffs, better consumers, higher consuming quality, tasting new brands, etc. The main feature of our wine-making is its colorfulness and unfamiliar sorts that are frequently offered by the families at festivals.”
Georgian Ministry of Agriculture joined the event from the last year. Deputy Minister Davit Galegashvili says: “We focus on maintaining the quality of wine. As it is known, the image of a high-quality beverage was spoiled by certain producers of some wines. Our main goal is to regain the old glory, which is only possible thanks to the top quality of our wines. I hope that Georgia will gain its original position at the world market.”
Giorgi Samanashvili is a researcher from IPL Agro, where the people working on one and the same land produce different wines in order to compare the potential of different sorts of wine. To the question what is the main problem of Georgian wine-making, he answered: “It is not about the sorts of wine but the lack of information in the public as well as among its producers. Unfortunately, there is no appropriate appreciation of this marvelous drink. Some Georgian men want only to get drunk. Our brands are very good and the winemakers are highly qualified as well. The main thing is that people have no taste due to the absence of knowledge. As for the taste, Georgians prefer wines with higher content of tannin but when we deal with export, we produce European type of wines for foreign countries. According to the official statistics, export is increasing and today, it reaches almost 20 million liters. “
Magdalena Paluchowska, Polish freelance journalist told us: “It was my first wine festival here. I don’t have favorites but I think Khvanchkara has a very interesting taste. Frankly speaking, I like strong dry wines and therefore, I like Saperavi. Mukuzani is also worth mentioning. Khvanchkara is sweeter but it is peculiarly Georgian; I have never tasted anything like it. A lot of Georgian wines are imported to Poland and I am glad of that.”
People could participate in making clay pottery that was modeled in front of spectators, which proved to be one of the most cheerful undertakings of the event. Within the framework of Tbilisi Music Week, the wine festival was accompanied by concerts. Apart from singing performers, the appearance of teenage dancers in national costumes was particularly emotional; it certainly raised the spirits of tipsy public.
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Two bear cubs listed as endangered on the red list were handed over to Tbilisi Zoo,
Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze and Deputy Tbilisi Mayor Ms. Sophio Khuntsaria have gifted a food stand
Pamela Anderson, famous Canadian American actress and model has appeared in the chic sunglasses by internationally acclaimed Georgian designer George Keburia.
A ski lift accident in Georgia’s eastern Gudauri resort,in particular at Sadzele 5 lift, has left 8 people with injuries.
The ski lift in Gudauri winter resort in Georgia has broke down in the aftermath of which several people have been injured.
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