Will Banning Abortions Improve Georgia’s Demographic Situation?
30 May, 2013
Georgia’s Patriarch’s sermons are of a great public interest. He always discusses topics that are important for Georgia and gives reasonable suggestions how to handle them. The Easter Sermon was not an exception. His Holiness Ilia the Second came up with an idea of banning abortions in Georgia. The topic proved to be important to Georgians as the case was broadly discussed by media. I found articles about it on Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty and on The pieces
give interesting and useful information, which will help to understand the depth of the problem.

Having read into the articles very carefully, I was shocked by the fact that gender-selective abortions are quite popular in Georgia. It means that couples are using ultrasound and other technologies to determine the sex of their fetus and according to its sex they are deciding to let the fetus develop or not. As a result, Georgia is on a trajectory to develop a gender imbalance together with its’ neighboring countries – Armenia and Azerbaijan – because in those three countries of the Caucasus parents would give preference to the birth of their mail child rather than female.
The Justice Minister Tea Tsulukiani suggested that it would be better to restrict parents from knowing the exact sex of a future child, rather than banning abortion. Banning abortions will make it an underground business.
Georgian Prime Minister Mr. Bidzina Ivanishvili said that the improvement of social and economic conditions for the average Georgian family could decrease the number of abortions.
Main purpose of banning abortion is to improve the demographic situation in the country. It seems unrealistic to me that banning abortions, even sex-selective abortions will help. There are many reasons why couples choose abortion and those reasons are the real problems which have to be solved. Among them are social and economical problems and also problems with a future child’s sex. Another commonplace reason why families prefer abortions are cases when child has birth defects or severe medical problems, or if women’s health will be endangered if the pregnancy is continued. I cannot list all the reasons of abortions but I believe that it is better to solve them first. The past shows that banning abortions do not work, those operations are done illegally in case they are banned. However, it is time to discuss this problem seriously and try to find the best way to resolve it.