5 Years since August War: Torch rally at Gori fortress
08 August, 2013
A torch rally took place at Gori fortress in the evening of August 7. The rally was organized through Facebook and the participants protested against Russian occupation on the fifth year anniversary of the Russia-Georgia war. Representatives of the parliamentary minority, including MP Giorgi Vashadze attended the event.
Giorgi Vashadze (National Movement party member): ‘This is a symbolic event, which was organized by Facebook. The main purpose is to remember those heroes who sacrificed their lives for the territorial integrity of
Georgia. We should remember that Georgian territories are occupied. Each of us here represents a symbol of respect for those heroes who have done everything for Georgia’s independence and freedom not only in 2008, but also before.
Rally participant: Tonight we are here to respect the souls of fallen soldiers for our country and also to protest against the occupation of Georgian territories by Russia.

By Nana Khidesheli

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