Planning to Live for 125 Years
26 September, 2013
Planning  to Live  for 125 Years
Georgian Traveler, sportsman and scientist and his interesting life story

Jumber Lezhava is the world citizen and sportsman. He is also a manifold record-winner as well as the champion included in the Guinness Book. Believe it or not, he has traveled all around the world by bicycle for five times. The French call him “King of Travelers”, Germans baptized him as “Picasso of travelers”, Russians refer to him as “Small Schwarzenegger”, Norwegians and Swedes - “Man – Legend”, and so
on and so forth.
In doing push-ups, one of the most complicated sporting variations, Mr. Lezhava has started from one hour-long exercises, then moved to six hours, then twelve hours and eventually reached 24 hours. Moreover, he has kept a series of push-ups during 100 days. These are the astronomical figures that exceed all kind of human possibilities.
Jumber Lezhava dedicated a half of his life to science. He worked with the world-famous mathematician-theorist Ilia Vekua as an experimental cyberneticist. He married at an early age. “I was successful in my profession on which I doted.” For one invention Mr. Lezhava received a state prize. He has been very sporty since childhood. “I was fond of traveling and traveled all around Georgia, basically on foot and in times of the Soviet Union - by motorcycle or by car. All of a sudden, I learned that I was ill with the gangrene of inner organs.”
Doctors told him that his intestines were damaged during a physical exercise. “Frankly speaking, I was fond of sport but I did not want to get head over heel in it, as my first love was Mathematics and Cybernetics. However, sport was necessary for me in order to stay fit and to be always able to withstand such hard mental task as the scientific work is.”
Doctors didn’t give him any chance; they said, he had only several months to live. But Jumber Lezhava defeated death thanks to superhuman stamina and will. He started his own exercises after he survived the clinical death. During the first surgical operation, doctors removed 3.5 meters of guts from his belly. After that, 8 months passed and I seemed to feel better.“ However, another operation turned out to be necessary and another 75 centimeters of guts as well as almost one half of the stomach had to be done away. “After that I resolved to fight for life. If I had surrendered, it would have meant sure death. I rejected the traditional medicine.”
First of all, he cleaned his poisoned blood; although, nobody knows, how he did it. It helped the heart to start working better, as well as his lungs, kidneys and stomach, and finally, his liver. That is how he became a professional sportsman. “After I set the first two world records, when I was traveling throughout Georgia and abroad as well, my wife died unexpectedly (The irony of fate! She feared her husband’s death who survived thanks to his superhuman vigor but shortly after passed away herself.)
This man has been traveling all around the world by bike. So, the danger has been his constant companion.
“I faced the death several times. When you are frozen and totally defenseless against the cruel nature, nothing is left but to await the end of life. However, I can tell you that nothing is as pleasant as being in the agony – at that time, you long for death and for finishing earthly life as soon as possible.”
But I am still here and I can tell you that I don’t feel either lack of energy or any other problem connected with health or mind. I dedicated one half of my life to science. Now I am giving it to sports and I am joking that I need another 25 years for analyzing both of them. Hence, it means that I have to live for 125 years. Nobody believes me but I am seriously thinking about it”, Lezhava notes in his 70s.
He is the man with an exceptionally big chest of memories, having visited almost all countries of the globe. “On entering the state, first of all, I would inquire about national libraries, schools, theaters. I had a lot of meetings at various ministries, at different National Olympic Committees. I saw all historical monuments made by man as well as untouched places of nature. I have collected immeasurable information. I have prepared materials for the electronic version of 55 volumes of my travels. Nobody has expressed the wish to help me publish them so far. I keep hoping; who knows what will happen?

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