Kazakh New Year in Mtskheta Historical Capital
27 March, 2014
On 19 March, in Mtskheta, the historical capital of Georgia (15 km west of Tbilisi), the Embassy of Republic of Kazakhstan celebrated Nowruz spring festival. Happy New Year, dear Kazakh friends! Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, H.E. Mr. Yermukhamet Yertysbayev, said in his opening speech: “Respected ladies and gentlemen! Dear compatriots! I am sincerely grateful for the fact that you took the time today and came here, to this beautiful place of ancient Mtskheta to share with us, the joy of the
Nowruz has been celebrated by Turkic and many other people close to us, for many hundreds of years as a celebration of the New Year, spring and the renewal of nature.
At this time, people suggest cleanliness; they clean morally and physically, engage in gardening and landscaping, laying the foundation for a new crop and future prosperity. Reportedly, the history of “Nowruz “ has a difficult fate. “In the Soviet era, when all national traditions were found to be insignificant, and all mentioning of the traditional heritage listed as anachronisms and remnants of the past, this holiday was almost banned. And we have only been able to revive this tradition in the years of independence,” the ambassador mentioned, adding: “Currently the ancient holiday harmoniously transformed into modern life of the Kazakh people and  started playing a major  role in strengthening the political stability, friendship and harmony in society. It became an important link of ‘connection time,’ in the history and modernity of my country.”
According to the ambassador, Kazakh people have such belief that the more generous “Nowruz” is celebrated, the more successful the year will be. This is the same in Georgia – we always try to treat our guests as generously as we can in order to respect the New Year believing that it will return its generosity.
The Kazakh Embassy really did its best and it was a success. With a handful of children – real symbols of life and newness - dressed in national costumes which created a special atmosphere, and everybody smiling. The Kazakhs were grateful to see that we also appreciated their joy and danced with them. The live concert that they offered was really imposing, rich with Georgian, Kazakh and Russian repertoire and performed in an excellent way. Beautiful premises and nice snacks and beverages guaranteed the common positive mood of people of different nationalities who were invited as guests to Nowruz celebration.
“Let me congratulate all of you with this wonderful holiday of goodness, unity and new beginnings. Let warm and clean spring sunshine bring peace, prosperity, harmony and a deep mutual respect, happiness and joy in every home, family!” - The ambassador concluded. Georgian Journal joins to these wishes.