Say No to Bio Drug, Write your Own Biography
24 April, 2014
“Ceased Bio-graphy” was the ambiguous name of the meeting of writers at Zazanova cafe near the opera on 16 April to boost the anti-drug-addiction campaign in Georgia. Recently, a new bio drug emerged on the Georgian market which has already caused some fatal cases among youngsters. What is really terrible is that hardly anybody in the parliament has ever made a comment that it is terrible that a youngster can subscribe to a drug without any problem through the Internet,
without having to fear strong governmental or customs control. There have not been many changes in the legislation and a lot of people have been released. Still, there are cases of imprisoning not only drug sellers but also drug abusers. Governments change but the number of drug abusers does not diminish. Where does this road lead to?
Georgia has always had many problems. It is not because of happy life that we have so many drug addicts. The number particularly increased after the Abkhaz war. In 1990s, it was “a good tone” to our national shame to be a drug abuser. Even teenage girls liked these boys. Even writers created heroes who were drug abusers and who were “to be understood to.” I do not want to judge them. Probably they did not realize that they were promoting this drug addiction. This abuse was so close to them. If writers were not abusers themselves, they had plenty of friends who were and most probably this compassion arose from this fact.
Tamriko Bolkvadze, a journalist, poet and the organizer of the event, said: “I have once listened to one youngster who said: if you want to be successful, you either have to lose yourself, or leave Georgia. In the former, I think he implied drug abuse. This is something that we should bear in mind and take into consideration.”
Zaza Marjanishvili, a musician, also expressed his wish: “I think that there is something that we lack to be happy in Georgia. A drug addiction starts when a person does not feel happy. Our TV channels are to blame a lot for that as they are the main culprits. Instead of yellow topics, they should be focusing on this really painful theme. They should be informing and preventing society from this ‘disease.’”
Zurab Sikharulidze, a narcologist, opened the meeting and mentioned that this bio is a drug which still contains many unknown substances even for doctors. But these substances cause mental illnesses, suicide etc. which is alarming so there is a need to stop this tendency.
Keti Shengelia, a poet and essayist, said: “We, Georgian writers, have to shift our vector. The drug abusers should become antiheroes and not heroes. They were ‘good boys in reality as well as in books.” Otherwise, really good boys who read these books will think that they will stay good boys even in the case where they become drug abusers. We should change this attitude. If we are indifferent, one day this ‘camel’ of neediness will can come and bend in front of our threshold as well.”
Lado Kakhadze, doctor and poet, also expressed his opinion: “First and foremost, it should be decriminalized. Jail does not help. Then, there should be a very strict control from the government. This is death by order. My friend has also become a victim of his drug addiction.”
Kote Tolordava is a former drug abuser. However, he is scared to name himself a former, as his doctor has told him that there is always a big temptation to get back to it. “I think it is shameful but it is not shameful to talk about it,” he said. “I do not share the opinion that we don’t want anything. I am occupied, have a profession. Thanks to my wife I have survived because I was a lost person when I met her. I know that this is a great trauma for a woman and children when a husband and a father has such problems. God bless everybody from this terrible disease.”
The meeting was ended on an optimistic note. Everybody shared the opinion that nihilism and indifference are the main enemies in this case. We should believe that there is an outcome. This was the starting point of the anti-drug campaign that writers are about to set up all around Georgia, starting from public schools in order to raise the awareness of future generation.