Boy wounded by his friend was rescued by Levan Vasadze
26 June, 2014
Boy wounded by his friend was rescued by Levan Vasadze
A bloody incident in Kiketi – a boy was shot 25 times by his friend
“The only reason they made it to the hospital is that Levan drove like a madman; a few seconds’ delay and Nika wouldn’t have survived, the doctors say…”

Late at night, 24-year-old Nika N. was brought to Tbilisi’s Republican Hospital in critical condition – he was bleeding out. Despite their best efforts, the prognosis made by the hospital’s staff is grim – the young man’s
condition was stabilized, but remains critical. The doctors cannot decide whether to go ahead with a very complex surgery, because he might not survive it. If the surgery turns out successful, however, the patient will require an O+ type blood transfusion, which his relatives and friends have agreed to provide.

As the victim’s family members say, Nika N. was in Kiketi with his friends for a weekend, where the youths feasted and had fun.

L. D., the victim’s relative:
- The boys went to Kiketi for the weekend to have a good time. All of them were childhood friends. Nobody would expect something like that happening; one of them shooting another was simply unimaginable…

- What exactly happened? Rumor has it they fought over a girl…
- This is wrong. Nika is married. There simply was a quarrel.

- What was the reason for the quarrel?

- It was just a quarrel, the usual type, frequent among boys of their age. What’s so surprising?

- What’s surprising is that the one who took out a firearm and started shooting was Nika’s childhood friend, as the rumor has it. It is also known that he didn’t shoot Nika 14 times, as it was originally known, but 25 times instead.
- Yeah, he just started shooting at random. Some shots hit, some didn’t…

- And then?

- Then he threw away the gun and ran away. When they saw Nika lying on the floor, one of them rushed out and started looking for someone who could help. It’s a good thing they realized that Nika would bleed out long before the ambulance arrived.

- What happened next?

- It was past midnight and naturally, there wasn’t anyone outside. But then a lone car appeared, and that fellow just ran on the road and stood in front of it. When the driver came out, he kneeled in front of him, begging for help. It turned out to be Levan Vasadze’s car; he lives in Kiketi, you know. They got really lucky by stumbling upon Levan; there are many examples of drivers refusing to put a bleeding man into the car in similar situations, afraid they might get into trouble. Levan, however, instantly agreed and brought Nika to the hospital himself. The only reason they made it to the hospital is that Levan drove like a madman. It was a matter of seconds, the doctors say; a minor delay and Nika wouldn’t have survived…

According to existing information, Nika’s father is a shareholder in “Rompetrol”, a company that owns a network of gas stations. The culprit’s identity is known, but the police are still looking for him, since he fled the scene.

By Eter Eradze
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