Tbilisi Zoo’s hippo - The main star of the foreign press
16 June, 2015
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The terrible disaster and flood that took place in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, on June 13 was not left without attention by the foreign media and publications. As a result of the disaster, the Vere River has overflown and swept away dozens of buildings and cars. Many families were left homeless. Unfortunately, 15 people have perished and other 9 are still missing.

Tbilisi Zoo and the city’s largest dog shelter were destroyed as well. Numerous
animals drowned, while select few managed to escape. Among the animals that fled the zoo was a hippopotamus, which was wandering around the city center before being stopped and escorted back to the zoo. Many foreign outlets have written about the tragedy that befell Tbilisi, but the runaway hippo has become a mini-celebrity of sorts, appearing on pages and covers of the world’s many newspapers.

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