The woman from Gori whose wartime photo has shaken the world is now bedridden and asks for help
08 August, 2015
Sopio Muradova, a denizen of Gori whose dramatic photo taken during the August War has been seen by the entire world, is in trouble and requires help. In an interview with an online media outlet New Post, she complains about terrible conditions she lives in. The interview also reveals that she is bedridden and does not even have a wheelchair to move around her house.
“I was given aid in February and deprived of it again in May. I don’t even
have a signal receiver at home, which makes me unable to at least watch TV. I am a prisoner in my own home and my son is on his last legs due to taking care of me. The only aid I now receive is my pension, which is barely enough for food and medicine,” Sopio says.

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