Interior Ministry posts video of the incident involving MP Giorgi Karbelashvili
10 August, 2015
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has posted a video depicting the incident involving MP Giorgi Karbelashvili.

“Due to high public interest, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia is publishing a video depicting the incident which took place on the Borjomi-Tbilisi highway.

The video was captured by a Police officer’s body camera and patrol vehicle dash-cam. The video clearly shows how MP Karbelashvili and his companion verbally and physical assaults the officers, as well as obstruct police from fulfilling their

The statement made by Giorgi Karbelashvili claiming he was stopped by six patrol police units and abducted, as well as being physically assaulted, knocked unconscious and had his shirt torn, has been proven to be false,” says the statement.

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