Traditional horse race takes place in Bakhmaro, Guria region
19 August, 2015
On August 19, a traditional horse race was held in Bakhmaro, resort in Geogia’s Guria region. According to, a contender named Kusa Basilia from Chokhatauri municipality came first in a kilometer-long race.On 2 and 3-kilometer tracks, Varden Khurtsia and Givi Giorgadze from Ozurgeti municipality came in first.

Yet it was Kusa Basilia who was named the main winner of the competition, earning the first place in a 7-kilometer race. Both Kusa Basilia and Varden Khurtsia were rewarded with a
200 GEL prize by Begi Sioridze, the mayor of Ozurgeti. Other winners were awarded by Gia Salukvadze, the governor of Guria and Chokhatauri municipality.