A monk chanting in the language of Christ in Georgia – Truly captivating
03 November, 2015
Father Serafim, a 37-year-old monk and deacon is Assyrian by ethnicity and his native language is Aramaic. Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II presented him to Assyrians living in Georgia as a “confessor of all Assyrians”. With the Patriarch’s blessing Archimandrite Serafim now conducts liturgy and sings chants in the Aramaic language. This video shows Father Serafim performing 53rd psalm, together with other gospel singers, in Aramaic language and the sound is amazing indeed.

The deacon lived an ordinary life
until 24 years of age, trained in Eastern wrestling and was head of security of a government member in Ukraine. But certain events that had occurred in his life made him take up the mantle of a priest. Currently Father Serafim lives in the village of Kanda (Mtskheta district), where 95 percent of the inhabitants are Assyrians and speak Aramaic, even to this day.

Notably, among 4000 Assyrians who reside in Georgia, 2000 live precisely in the village of Kanda. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ used to speak the Aramaic language and probably this is why any believer listening to this chant is spellbound.

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