Palitra Media not to advertise online casinos and bookmakers
15 February, 2016
The negative impact made by online casinos and bookmakers on many individuals became more extensive recently and it is even more alarming when we think of those who are still very young. The addiction on online games has already ruined many families by pushing young men to commit crime or suicide.

The problem is that it is practically impossible for online outlets to identify those who are under the legal age and eventually block them, which leads to more children getting
addicted to gambling and it results in serious problems.

We are highly concerned with this and think that we too, involuntarily, take part in this game by advertising online casinos and bookmakers.

That is why we made a decision that none of the outlets that form part of Palitra Media will advertise online casinos and bookmakers any more, even though we are risking of losing approximately 5% of our income.

We hope that this will be one of the first steps that will help reduce the number of individuals addicted to online casinos and avoid more suicides.