Orphan bear cub is the new resident of dog shelter in Tbilisi
02 June, 2016
Meet Davlo, a new lovely inhabitant of Tamaz Elizbarashvili dog shelter. As the staff of the shelter reports, the bear cub was found near the forest in Tkibuli, a town in the western Georgian region of Imereti. A kind local man, who found the motherless cub, took it home and took care of it. Then he contacted the Agency of Protected Areas, but they could not find a shelter for the 2-month cub, eventually the bear ended up at the
dog shelter in Tbilisi.

The employee of the shelter named Keti has been taking care of the orphaned cub and even slept with it in the same bed. The cub named Davlo got used to its caring nanny and perceived her like a real mother. Soon the cub will have its own enclosure where it will start a new life.

Inga Grigolia, famous Georgian journalist, who is a big lover of animals, specially paid a visit to the shelter to get acquainted with the new inhabitant of the dog shelter. She brought some treats both for dogs and Dvalo and had fun with them.