First time in Georgia - Handmade quiet books for your children
12 September, 2016
Handmade ‘quiet books’ are very popular around the world and you can now see this interesting invention, that is very useful for children, in Georgia too. Mariam Bolkvadze, decided to introduce quiet books, under the name of Mariquita, in this country and now you can order exclusively original books for your children. The education and experience received in children’s psychology, was particularly beneficial for her in carrying out this project.

The word ‘mariquita’ stands for ‘ladybug’ in Spanish and the
brand produces different items of linen and other soft materials. The works include animated books, bags, trunks, boxes, items to hang on the wall. They are handmade, all of them, and created according to the client’s taste, age of a child in question, individual figures and interests.

Response from the psychologists also has to be taken into consideration and it is safe to say that these kinds of items are very important for the development of children. The pages in these books contain 20 different topics, like colors, figures, forms, role games, categorization, entertaining exercises, episodes from well-known fairy tales, etc.
On each page, the children can move the figures by themselves or with the help of an adult, giving them appropriate forms. This is more important for the child’s development, than any cartoons or fairy tales seen on television.

‘We decided that it would be appropriate for Georgian production to unite so many interesting and joyful activities in one book. It gives us great pleasure to learn the long history of creating this kind of books and it gives the possibility to include something new, at least from the thematic point of view’, - Mariquita’s founder Mariam Bolkvadze tells Georgian Journal.

According to her, each book is created for a particular child. The books will not have serial form or interface. In each of them the age, abilities and the stage of development of a child in question will be considered. The cover of each book will have the application that suits its future owner, like the color of his/her hair and the name, for example, Ana’s Book.

“We believe these books will be more than just a beautiful toy and they will bring much joy and happiness to the children as well as to their parents” – Mariam says.

Take a close look at the quiet books by Mariquita HERE