Maqro Construction Awards Green Diamond Householders
07 October, 2016
International Construction Company Maqro Construction launched the large-scale project Green Diamond after the Green Budapest project. On September 30 householders of the Green Diamond were awarded.

It is not the first time that the householders of the mentioned residential complex have been awarded prizes. The construction company has awarded the Green Budapest residents as well. This time, the company handed over household appliances to the first, the hundredth, the two hundredth and the three hundredth residents - contractors.

Refrigerators, washing
machines and dishwashers were delivered to the apartments of the awarded residents.

The prizes were handed over to the householders by Achi Arveladze, the famous Georgian footballer and the face of the Green Diamond project.

Achi Arveladze: “Today we have presented the first, the hundredth, the two hundredth and the three hundredth buyers with home appliances. I am glad that they have chosen Green Diamond. Of course, this is not a one-time awarding; the tradition will continue in the future too. I hope that many apartments will be sold and therefore we will have to award many customers. I think this is a good promotional campaign."

Maka Baghashvili, Green Diamond householder: I received a message from Maqro Construction when I was looking for an apartment. My office is located near Green Budapest and I could see how this beautiful building was being built. I liked it very much. So, I have not thought for a long time. I went to the company and fortunately, I found myself to be the first contractor. They handed over gifts to me and I am very happy. This was an unexpected and very pleasant surprise."
According to the awarded residents, the main reason why they decided to buy an apartment in Green Diamond was that the complex has ecologically clean environment. According to them, they liked the location of the building, as there is less noise, more fresh air and it is near to all major shopping and other kind of centers.

Eka Sisauri, Green Diamond householder: "When I decided to buy an apartment, I considered several companies. They offered me their ideas, but Maqro Construction turned out to be the most acceptable to me. Their conditions coincided with my needs. Quite by accident, I learned that I was the hundredth contractor and I received gifts, which I really needed for the new apartment."
Nanuka Todua, Green Diamond householder: "You will probably agree with me that it is very difficult to find a good apartment. I was looking for an apartment when this company was carrying out this construction project. Of course, I reviewed several companies, but I made the final choice in favor of Green Diamond. Their ideas were acceptable to me given the modern ecological problems in Georgia and by the way, not only in Georgia. I will live in a clean environment and quiet neighborhood. Fortunately, I found myself a lucky one. I was called and told that I was a winner. I received very good gifts, which were waiting for me at the apartment.
Nino Kalandadze-Ozturk, Green Diamond householder: "Why did I choose this company? First of all, I liked the location. The building was being built exactly at a place where I wanted to buy an apartment. I also liked the environment, green nature and fresh air, which is so rare today in Tbilisi. I could not miss this offer. I know it is a reliable company and that’s why I chose it. I bought an apartment and later I became one of the winners."
Handover of prizes continues in the Green Diamond and you may soon become the next winner.

The Green Diamond project includes three phases. The first phase consists of 731 apartments. The MAQRO Construction Company provides customers with apartments on a turnkey basis, including bath headset, kitchen furniture and built-in appliances. The unique residential complex is being built in an ecologically clean district of Tbilisi, near to the Olympic facilities. The area of the residential complex covers 70,000 m2, with 23,143 m2 internal green territory, which will enable the householders to live differently in Tbilisi.

23 living blocks with 1772 units will be in the residential complex. 3 swimming pools, 4 basketball areas, 4 outdoor fitness areas, 4 playgrounds, 7 pergolas, indoor sport facility, walking and running tracks, commercial areas, social terraces, kindergarten and school will be available for the residents of the complex.

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