Georgian author donates first revenue from her book to women fighting cancer
05 November, 2016
Young Georgian author Salome Benidze, who won Tsinandali Award in prose, donated the first revenue from her book The City on the Water to women fighting against breast cancer.

“When instead of covering your bills by the very first payment received for your book, replacing old broken computer with new one, paying off small part of mortgage or even taking vacation, you donate whole money earned from the book to women struggling with cancer, you are true philanthropist", - A
friend of the writer says about Salome.

“I wrote this book for all girls who struggle, move forward, who have often thought, that they could not take it anymore, yet did not give up and carried on their way. The book is dedicated to women who have overcome fear many times and never said no to themselves ”, - Author Salome Benidze says in the introduction of her book. Eventually she concludes at the end of her book that “Every girl can become a goddess, if she tries”.

Tsinandali Award for young scientists and artists was founded in 1998 under the auspices of Georgia's ex-prime minister and parliament chair Zurab Zhvania. The award was restored in 2014 and since then it has been held annually.


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