Hennessy Brand Ambassador’s visit and tasting session in Tbilisi
26 December, 2016
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Company GD ALCO, the leading distributor of premium spirits in Georgia, hosted yet another very respectable guest, Guilliame De Guitaut, the brand ambassador of Hennessy, world’s most refined cognac house that counts more than two centuries of history under its belt.

The special guest whose mission includes introducing Hennessy, its history, production process and unique qualities fulfilled his mission at best. Attendants of tasting session had an opportunity to taste three different types of Hennessy cognac as well as Hennessy cocktail specially prepared by a bartender using Hennessy VS as a core ingredient. Not everyone is fortunate enough to try various sorts of leading cognac brand as well as uncover interesting details about its production, so participants sipped cognac with great pleasure and tried to guess which flavors were unfolding in each spirit.

As Mr. Guilliaume De Guitaut explained, before Hennessy reaches the glass of customers, it undergoes quiet a complex process. First the Hennessy degustation community, that unites well-experienced cognac specialists, selects the best sorts of twice distilled eaux de vies (clear, colorless grape brandy) from their providers from around Cognac region, then the selected spirits start maturation process in specially selected oak barrels – different for different qualities. Only after going through all these important stages cognac gets its final shape, amber color and silky taste.
“What makes Hennessy unique? The quality is the main thing. First, there is a great deal of concentration of the degustation community to select the best eaux de vies. We cooperate with our producers of eaux de vies to get best from them. So the constant search for quality matters quite a lot. The second thing is the innovation; we have constituted the large reserve of eaux de vies and we want to extend it even more so that we are able to release quality of Hennessey which are unheard of and which have never been tasted by anybody. These are the two basic elements I would insist, the capability to innovate and surprise the customer”, - Elaborated brand ambassador of Hennessey in the interview with Georgian Journal.

Degustation process started with Hennessy VS (Very Special) that stands out for its amber color and lively, vivid eaux de vies it is made of. The flavors of vanilla, almond, apple and flowers are harmoniously concentrated in it and come up nicely with each sip. This energetic, well-crafted brandy was followed by
Hennesy VSOP ("very superior old pale"), the recipe of which dates back to 1817. Hennessy VSOP is pale-colored cognac with delicate, refined taste, yet possess richer blend of aromas of dry fruits and hazelnuts.

Last and most impressive turned up Hennesy XO, first created in 1870, it is made from blend of 100 different eaux de vies and has darker , complex colour. First approach is sweetness, then comes rising heat and spicy edge. The taste of chocolate, black pepper and orange peel unfold gradually and stir incredible sensations within you.
The session ended up with screening fabulous movie "Each drop of Hennessy X.O is an Odyssey" directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, demonstrating 7 tasting notes of X.O in a sequence.
Within the framework of his visit the honorable guest sampled Georgian brandy as well as wine and shared his opinion concerning Georgian sprites with us:

“I tried Sarajishvili and Saperavi that is very elegant red wine, very round, pleasant, giving great moments of appreciation. I really enjoyed that. As for Georgian brandy, I likeit, because it is very fine but it also has some roundness, which is missing in some brandies from other countries, so I was really impressed favorably by Georgian brandy”, - Guilliame De Guitaut noted.

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