Georgia’s trains to be equipped with libraries
21 January, 2017
Soon passengers of Georgian Railway will be able to read books from the train’s library while traveling. As reported, libraries will be set up in Georgia’s trains. As Dachi Tsaguria, the head of Georgian Railway service quality office said, the project will be launched in summer. According to him, citizens can donate their books to the libraries as well. Those willing to contribute can bring their books to Tbilisi Central and leave them near box office.

“Our aim is to
implement and promote  the culture of reading in the train, since traveling becomes more pleasant and interesting. We are planning to set up special book shelves so that each train will be equipped with 100-150 books”, - Dachi Tsaguria remarked.

According to him, the libraries will have foreign language books for the tourists as well. The libraries will operate similarly to ordinary libraries, the passenger will have to leave his/her ID card or passport to get a book and get it back after returning the book.

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