19-year-old Georgian student earns full scholarship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
16 February, 2017
19-year-old Elene Machaidze who graduated from the Tbilisi’s Komarov School of Mathematics in 2015, was admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with full funding.

Elene will begin to study in the world’s one of the most prestigious university from September 2017. She has recently passed TOEFL tests and received 106 points out of 120. She also successfully passed SAT test and received 1490 out of 1600. She also received 800
out of 800 in mathematics test and 770 out of 800 in physics.

Elene was an excellent student at the Komarov School and she systematically attended informatics classes. She has earned medals at several informatics competitions: 2 silver medals at the Zhautikov competition, among them.

Elene managaes website, which she has created together with her classmates in order to offer additional Georgian-language platform to anyone who is interested in informatics. She says the these kinds of mathematical problems are only to be found in Russian and the students who do not speak the language, had troubles finding Georgian sources.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is often cited as one of the most prestigious universities in the world and it is located in the town of Cambridge, in the US state of Massachusetts. The annual price for anyone who studies there is USD 60 000.

Elene is the third student from the Komarov school, after Giorgi Tskhadadze and Dimitri Tskhovrebadze, who is going to study at MIT.

Source: Tbilisi’s Komarov School of Mathematics