First private observatory to open in Bazaleti soon
28 June, 2017
   First private observatory to open in Bazaleti soon
The first private observatory is being constructed in Bazaleti, Georgia. The person behind this ambitious project is Davit Dvali, the founder of Georgian astro-photographers’ group Geo-Astro,a chemist and an astro-photographer. The construction works were l
aunched in May and it is expected the observatory to be completed by the end of the year. The observatory will be multifunctional and incorporate 6 telescopes.
Bazaleti Observatory

As Davit Dvali says, the observatory will have many functions; but first of all it will serve as a constant working place for Georgian astro-photographers. Being an atsro-photographer is quite a difficult task since it requires certain scientific knowledge, great patience and technique. Even at the countryside one may come across certain obstacles, because in many cases air turbulence, smog and light hinder the shooting process. “I have been interested in astro-photography for several years now. In the beginning I used to work in Tbilisi for several years, but since there are no proper conditions in the city, it was quite difficult to capture astronomical objects in the sky. In 2015 I established Geo-Astro, a group of astro-photographers and we shifted to the countryside. We toured around whole Georgia in the search for dark places with suitable conditions for night sky shooting and Bazaleti (30 minutes drive from Tbilisi) turned out to be the best option”, - Author of the project says.
Davit Dvali  for National Geographic

According to the astro-photographer, he had to sell his house in Batumi and a commercial space in order to bring his dream to life. The observatory will occupy 5000 m2 and it will be the first remote robotic observatory in Georgia.

“The foundation has already been laid and we are expecting that by the end of the year the observatory will be ready. It will house our Geo-Astro base as well as serve for educational and scientific purposes. We are planning to organize excursions for students and kids to give them insight to what we are doing”, - Levan Verdzeuli, member of Geo-Astro reports.

Today astrophotography attracts massive interest and is quite widespread throughout world. Through this field of photography ordinary people have an opportunity to see the distant planets, galaxies, dim stars and even nebulae that are not visible to the naked human eye. Georgian astro-photographers and Geo-Astro play significant role in developing this field in Georgia. The shooting process is related to many impediments and sometimes astro-photographers have to wait several nights to capture the target astronomical object and then present it to us.

Davit Dvali and Levan Verdzeuli in the working process, Courtesy Lasha Ebitashvili

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