Vice-President of the European Investment Bank explores Georgia’s highland
15 August, 2017
Last month nearly a million international travelers visited Georgia and one of them was the Vice President of the European Investment Bank and former Minister of Slovakia Vasil Hudak. He had come to Georgia several times for business meetings, but this time he came accompanied with his family, as a tourist and told "" about his impressions.

For a week Hudak visited three tourist
regions - Kakheti, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Svaneti. The Vice-President of the European Investment Bank described the Kakheti region with great admiration and likened Sighnaghi
to the Toscana region of Italy.
"I have been in Georgia 4-5 times, however, these visits were only business visits. I was staying at a hotel most of the time and only went to the business meetings. So I didn’t know Georgia as a tourist country. I would like to tell you about the hospitality of the Georgian people, the beautiful mountains, that's why I came here with my wife and 12-year-old son. We are excited. I would like to express my gratitude to our host, Executive Director of the Partnership Fund David Saganelidze for such an impressive tourist route and warm hospitality.

We first visited Kakheti region, which is known for its wine production culture. We have seen how to produce wine in qvevri, we also had the opportunity to take part in baking Georgian bread and tasted Georgian "Snickers", Churchkhela", - the Vice-President of the European Investment Bank says.
Hudak did not hide the excitement about Borjomi and Rabati Castle either. According to him, Georgia's uniqueness is that every corner of the country is outstanding.

"We were in Vardzia for a day that, besides the fact that it keeps a great history, it is a beautiful place. Finally we went to Mestia, we saw mountains, a ski resort. In this short period of time we saw a lot. We also wanted to see Racha and the Black Sea, but I'll leave it for the next visit, "- Hudak said.

According to Vazil Hudak, the tourism sector has the largest potential in Georgia. He draws special attention to wine tourism. However, according to the Vice President of the European Investment Bank, it is necessary to develop infrastructure in the country to make the country more attractive to foreigners.

"You have more than 500 varieties of wine, which is unique. There are also beautiful mountains, and therefore, mountain tourism has great potential. You should develop ski resorts. Marine tourism is also important, you have perspective in this regard. The potential of this is very big. Infrastructure development is needed. Roads have to be improved, as well as regulation of railway infrastructure. Apart from roads, the transport sector should also be developed. We are going to cooperate with the Partnership Fund for tourism development and in case of specific projects we can financially support it", - said the European Investment Bank representative.
Vazil Hudak visited Georgia several weeks ago too, for business meetings. According to him, the European Investment Bank has been actively supporting the implementation of various projects in Georgia since 2007, the European institution supports the government's infrastructure projects. Recently, however, Vazil Hudak said that the bank was interested in cooperation with the private sector. As he pointed out, the European Investment Bank starts working on a so-called Green City project in Tbilisi - "We are already discussing the so-called smart city concept, we talked to the local government representatives and met with Tbilisi mayor and talked about how the city’s government will be involved in this project. One of the partners of the project will be the Partnership Fund and private business will be represented by the businessman Nodar Giorgadze, who is the president of "Gino Holding".

The video above was shot by his 12-year-old son, Patrick, inspired by Georgian mountainous region of Svaneti and the famous Shkhara peak 5200 meters above sea level.