Coding school Novator in Georgia – Young programmer raising future professionals
13 September, 2017
Coding school Novator in Georgia – Young programmer raising future professionals
Coding is becoming the most in-demand skill across industries across the world. Knowing programming in the modern world is very important, and in the future it will become an extremely necessary skill, like reading and writing. Mikheil Pailodze, the founder of one of the first successful programming schools in Georgia Novator, elaborated why children should be taught the basics of coding at the early age and the positive effects it has on the development of the future generation.

As Mikheil  says, he
bought his first computer at the age of 13 and since then has been working in this field.

" I have been interested in computer science since early childhood. At the age of 13, when I had my first computer, instead of wasting time on computer games, I started learning computer by myself. As a result, within few months, I already had my first job. Originally I was making flash websites and over the course of 11 years I gained substantial experience. The idea of establishing a programming school in Georgia popped up to my mind when I was 18, but only after few years I managed to bring it into reality", the founder of Novator notes.

-Why is it important to learn coding at an early age?

-Such successful people as Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg think that a person of any profession should know the programming language in the future. This skill is beneficial for people working in any field. For instance, if you are an accountant and you know the basics of programming, you can write your own formula that will do 5-hour task in half an hour. It means that you have a logical assistant that helps you in doing different tasks. Any person can learn the language of programming, similarly to the foreign language. In fact, programming language is a means of communication that can help you communicate with your computer. The computer is the most logical creature in the world. Accordingly, if you want to communicate with your computer, then you have to start talking to him logically at early age. Over the past five years, implementing coding at schools has become a major issue in many countries across the globe. Professors and students of the Massachusetts Technical University have developed a coding language named Scratch that makes it easier for children to acquire this skill. Scratch aims to teach kids the basics of programming as easily as possible. In fact, Scratch is a set of colorful blocks that one connects logically and, as a result, creates stories, games, and animations. This program is fun and simultaneously incorporates all the basics of coding.

-What are your teaching methods?

-We teach at our school based on the syllabus of Harvard University. Children from 8 to 14 years are accepted in our school. In one class there are only children of two age groups, 8-9 years old, or 10-11 years and so on. We take into consideration the abilities of kids to acquire the material, so we care about each student’s comfort. One class counts over 10 kids and currently we have the capacity of 18 classes. The course Novator lasts for one year  and the lessons are conducted twice a week. It should be noted, that kids learn on the spot through games and practical work, so they are completely free from homework. After undergoing this course, our little innovators possess substantial knowledge to use it in a real life. Our school also offers our pupils to continue studies at a new level where they will learn algorithms and mathematics. Additionally, they will get acquainted with real technologies instead of Scratch. We teach team working, as well as individual thinking through competition. Our method of explaining the lesson is different: we pose a problem to our students and they have to come up with the solutions and find the way to fix it as fast as possible. We also actively use gaming robots in practical training. Children assemble them by themselves and make them move through programming. It is a great pleasure and stimulus for them to see how a real robot, constructed by themselves, performs various movements and follows their orders.

- What are the essential skills children get from programming?

- A kid should come to the conclusion through logical thinking. This profession requires analytical thinking as well as making quick decisions. So through our lessons students get used to logical thinking as well as develop creativity. It is noteworthy, that this form of communication with modern technologies stirs interest within kids toward stem filed.

As the founder of Novator says, girls are also interested in coding.
"There is no gender distinction in this profession. Unfortunately, parents often think that computer science is not intended for girls, which is wrong, because based on my personal experience I can say with pride that my best pupil is a girl.

Our school is called Novator because we are raising future innovators. We aim to develop computer sciences field in the country and bring up future professionals. We think  any person should be innovative in one’s own profession”, says founder of the school in the interview with Georgian Journal.

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