Georgia has lost its beauty - Iconic Georgian actress Lika Kavzharadze passes away aged 57
12 October, 2017
Georgia has lost its beauty - Iconic Georgian actress Lika Kavzharadze passes away aged 57
Lika Kavzharadze (26 October 1959 – 11 October 2017) was a legendary Georgian film actress best known for her role in Tengiz Abuladze's 1976 drama film The Wishing Tree.

For each Georgian, Kavzharadze has been a favorite actress
and a symbol of national beauty. She captivated everyone around her with her incredible smile and appearance.
Photo courtesy National Archives of Georgia

A famous Georgian actress Lika Kavzharadze, nicknamed ‘The Dream Girl’, was born in Tbilisi. Her acting career began at an early age. She was only 12 years old when she took part in a short film called The Fountain. Then it was When Almonds Blossomed, A Fine Costume and many more.
Scene from The Wishing Tree (1976)

However, among her more than 30 roles, there is one that stands out. It’s Marita from Tengiz Abuladze’s movie The Wishing Tree, directed based on the story by an outstanding Georgian writer Giorgi Leonidze. Kavzharadze played so wonderfully that many people still call her Marita, the name of thelead character in the movie.
The Wishing Tree (1976)

Apart from the films, she tried herself in modeling business as well. As the founder of Irida model agency recalled, other models were so impressed by Lika’s beauty that it was very difficult for them to walk on the same runway together with her.
Lika was also passionate about visual arts, especially after her mother passed away.

‘The worst day in my life was when my mother died’, she used to recall.- ‘It took me many years to recover. At some moment, I realized I felt better when I was drawing’, - Lika used to say.

Kavzharadze stood out not only for her beauty, but for her varied talents. Her primary profession was playing on the piano. She was educated as a pianist at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire, which she graduated in 1973. In 1972, she was invited by the Kartuli Pilmi (Georgian Film) studio and starred in several films.

The actress was married twice, yet, unfortunately, neither of her marriages turned out successful. Although she has been a dream woman for many men, she still did not manage to build happy and long-lasting marriage in her life.
Lika with her family. 1980. Photo courtesy National archives of Georgia

Lika earned her fame for starring in the films The Wishing Tree (1976), Butterfly (1977), Blue Mountains (1982) and The Sun of the Sleepless (1992).

Sadly the symbol of Georgian beauty was found dead at her own apartment in Tbilisi on 11 October 2017.According to Lika’s relatives, her sudden death was caused apparently by heart problems, yet the real cause is not known yet.
Photo courtesy National Library of Georgia

Beloved Georgian actress would have turned 58 on October 26. As it is known, in her last days, she was preparing to organize personal exhibition of her artworks.

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