Young Georgian singer Natia Todua’s great success in German Voice
24 October, 2017
21-year-old Natia Todua's performance in German New Voice captivated judges and the whole Georgia. Young Georgian singer’s talent has attracted the attention of international media., a major German regional daily newspaper, published an article about Natia’s performance in New Voice and the evaluations of jury members impressed by her incredibly beautiful voice.

Here is what tells about Natia:

“Berlin. At the singing of au pair Natia Todua, the coaches turn on their chairs until they get dizzy.

delicate young woman with the highly detailed dreadlocks enchants the jury on Sunday evening. Natia Todua from Georgia sings "I Put A Spell On You" by Annie Lennox with sweet-smoky voice. The Fantas turn around immediately. Samu Harber and Yvonne Catterfeld follow, Mark Forster takes his time. But they all want the au pair in their team who came from their home country to Germany to have a better life and become a singer. "In my homeland there is war, the singer is not a profession in Georgia, and in Germany there are much better opportunities for art," says the 21-year-old. For whom does Natia decide?

Natia from Georgia makes the decision difficult. A common feature with a jury member is decisive for the young woman. Natia has learned German at Blitz-Speed in the family in Kirchheim. "I would like to improve my German skills with Samu", says Natia. Samu jumps out of the chair”, - The article reads.
Natia Todua tried herself in Georgian X Factor but it did not turn out successful to her, then was Ukrainian New Voice...

Finally, she left for Germany where she impressed the judges in a few seconds.

-I was born in Tbilisi, but I grew up in the village of Nabakevi in Gali District, Abkhazia. Along with my family I often used to change my place of residence. I arrived in Tbilisi at the age of 17. I have never received musical education. During my exams, I lived with my uncle, I played the guitar and we used to sing together.

He was fascinated with my vocal skills and advised me to take part in any competition. I was 17 years old when I performed in front of the larger audience for the first time. In X-Factor, I performed a song I put a Spell in you, which I chose by myself. There were many different opinions about this song. I was told that my voice did not sound real and I had to leave the project. Strangely, later exactly the same song was selected for me to perform by German judges.
After one year, I was contacted by the Ukrainian "X - Factor", where I performed Cry Baby. This performance was very successful, but finally I was told that the public projects were not my style and I returned to Tbilisi. I used to perform together with the band Vakis Parki (Vake Park) in the local parks of Tbilisi. One day I felt that it was impossible to continue living this way.

I wanted to enroll at one of the European universities , but the tuition fees were very high. Later I discovered the program Au-pair and went to Germany.

As for my musical career in Germany, I found the information about the New Voice in Berlin by myself and signed up. I was lucky enough since Georgian woman married in Germany contacted me and helped me to extend my stay. Today, I am sure that I will reach my goals, because when you fight for your dreams, you will always make them come true. My performance in German Voice had positive feedback and I hope that through participating in this project I will succeed in my singer’s career.

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