Georgian dancers performing battle dance Khorumi in Tbilisi street
16 November, 2017
When walking around Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, apart from picturesque views, one might witness an unusual scene. One such case has just recently happened, when one of the passersby came across Georgian dancers performing national dance in one of the streets and decided to film it. The footage went viral on the internet and received positive feedback from social media users. The dancers are crossing a zebra-stripe crosswalk by performing famous Georgian dance called khorumi.

Author of the video: Nutsa
Upastan Tskimanauri

It is a battle dance that has originated in Georgia’s Adjara region. Originally few people used to perform it, yet time by time the number increased and at present around 30-40 dancers perform it. Although the number of participants has changed, the dancing style remains the same. The dance starts by few men entering the stage. They imitate warriors who reconnoiter the battle area. Then gradually the whole army appears on the stage forming one line. The dance amazes everyone and it expresses the feelings warrior experiences at the battle and during the victory over the enemy. It symbolizes the strength and bravery of Georgian men who used to defend the country from enemies for centuries.

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