La Boheme hosts Tbilisi International Women’s Association event
13 December, 2017
La Boheme hosts Tbilisi International Women’s Association event
Tbilisi International Women’s Association event took place at Tbilisi’s newly opened cozy place La Boheme on December 6. The event was aimed at supporting women’s rights and gifting them a beautiful day full of surprises and joy.

Unfortunately, nowadays women are facing a lot of stress and disappointment throughout the world. Their rights are often violated, so coffee morning hosted by La Boheme was another opportun
ity to remind them how worthy and honorable members of our society they are. As it is a festive season now and the New Year is coming, it was quite a memorable and exciting gift.
The interior and exterior of the restaurant perfectly matched the theme and expressed its mood. Guests were served with various drinks, special dishes and delicious desserts.
All the guests were awarded with special gifts, showing love and respect to them. Moreover, guests could participate in a joyful lottery at the venue and receive various prizes.
According to La Boheme’s Public relations and Marketing Manager, Lela Grzybowska, the main goal of the event was to host a really lovely coffee morning, the last one of the year, to provide a comfortable and warm environment for women and to remind them how important and special they are. Moreover, La Boheme plans other interesting activities in the future, such as brunch Sundays during springtime, live music events, special offers for the guests and so on.
Georgian Journal interviewed the head of La Boheme, Mr. Edgar Hyder from Australia, who has a long-time experience of working in the hospitality business and creating lifestyle-luxury brands throughout the world.

“We have a team completed with experienced professionals. Now we bring our experience to Tbilisi and we hope to grow our company with a few more concepts in the future. We have very ambitious plans, such as opening an Italian osteria for our Italian chef, opening a night club and so on. La Boheme is the first implemented project out of them and we want to be sure that it is done well. Basically, it is a lifestyle concept oriented on various services. Our core aim is to please people and bring them happiness. We do our best to create a warm and welcoming environment for them so that our guests could feel like home.” – Edgar Hyder elaborated.
As for International Women’s Association, according to him it is always very important to support everyone who fights for protecting other people’s rights.

“As women’s rights are often undervalued, IWA does very important work in this field to bring some good changes in this situation. We always welcome such kind of activities and today’s event was another expression of support from our side” – The head of La Boheme explained.

La Boheme is a newly-opened cozy restaurant and lounge located in Vake, 34-36 Irakli Abashidze Street. The place is distinguished with contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. Be it dishes or fresh juices, everything here is made with healthy ingredients. The emphasis is made on using organic Georgian produce as much as possible.

Moreover, La Boheme boasts authentic Italian pizza, made in the stone oven with very rare and unique technology.

The restaurant offers brunch, lunch and dinner menus and is a wonderful place for all kinds of meetings and events, ranging from business lunches to romantic evenings and friendly get togethers.
Enzo Neri, a famous Italian chef and the inventor of chocolate khinkali (Georgian dumpling) , leads La Boheme restaurant and offers a wide assortment of delicious international dishes to his guests.

The celebrated chef visited Georgia in 2015 and was very attracted by its landscape and food traditions. Inspired by Georgian culture and cuisine, Neri came up with quite an interesting experiment and breathed new life into some of the distinguished Georgian dishes.

“I was in Georgia before. It was like a love story - I came back to this country. Together with my old friends who used to work with me in Dubai, we decided to open La Boheme in Tbilisi. Mediterranean cuisine includes 21 countries.Our cuisine boasts international dishes from many different countries, which I develop in my own way.

La Boheme is a special place, because here we cook in a modern way. We prepare traditional dishes in different ways and shapes. It is a pleasure for me to develop food here. In Georgia, there are many good ingredients and when you have those products, you can always make a miracle by using them. When you mix them in with a little bit of different technique, you create food that has a lighter taste and is more adjustable, ” – Celebrated chef elaborated.
When asked about his favorite Georgian dishes, Enzo named Khinkali and Chakapuli without any hesitation and it is not surprising at all. As it is already widely known, he is the author of Chocolate Khinkali - sweet option of traditional Georgian dumplings. He transformed the most popular dish into an elegant chocolate dessert with ricotta cheese filling. The Italian chef explained that one of the main priorities of the newly-opened restaurant is to be in close connection with the Georgian community.

“International Women’s Association is an organization which takes care of the problems women are facing in modern society. We decided to get involved in this process, to be a part of it and support them. Unfortunately, nowadays we see many cases of domestic violation, when the women’s rights are abused and violated throughout the world and in Georgia as well. So, today’s event was another opportunity to show them that we care about this problem, to express our support and also to introduce ourselves to the Georgian community as the restaurant is newly-opened" – Enzo Neri elaborated in the interview with Georgian Journal.
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