Police officers made little boy’s dream come true and took him to the zoo
22 February, 2018
Recently a little boy from Georgia’s Khashuri town got lost. As it later turned out 10-year-old Dato Nozadze escaped his house to go to the capital city of Tbilisi and see the zoo for the first time. The boy was found by the police strolling on Aghmashenebeli Avenue alone.

The boy fled his hometown, took the train and came to Tbilisi to turn his dream into a reality. When he was found by the police, it was already quite late.
As soon as the police identified the boy, they contacted his parents and notified about the case. Soon father of Dato came to the city and took him back home.

Giorgi was promised by the police officers that his dream would come true. Tbilisi Zoo handed whole year pass to the little boy to enjoy year-round visits. As promised, Dato was taken to the zoo where he was met by the head of Tbilisi Zoo, Zurab Gurielidze. He walked little boy around and showed all the inhabitants of the zoo.

The information was made public by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
Dato Nozadze with police officers in Tbilisi Zoo

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