February 23 commemorates Georgian cadets who fought Soviet Red Army
23 February, 2018
23 February marks Georgian cadets’ day and pays respect to the brave Georgian soldiers. This day commemorates the perished young Georgian cadets who fell victim to the Soviet Red Army in the battle of Kojori and Tabakhmela . The young Georgian students of the military academy went into history after the battles fought against Red Army in 1921. The military academy of Georgia was founded in 1919. Almost century has passed from this battles, yet it remains as one of
the bloodiest and most tragic days in the history of Georgia.

Russia’s 11th army invaded Georgia on February 12, 1921. The bloodiest and most brutal battles took place at Kojori and Tabakhmela areas. Along with Georgian cadets, People's Guard, Georgian Army and volunteers fought against the enemy. The soldiers who committed themselves to defending their country from the Soviet occupation were declared as heroes.
Georgian cadets

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