Kono Model – Japanese model of business management that boosts customer satisfaction
02 March, 2018
Kono Model – Japanese model of business management that boosts customer satisfaction
Japanese surnames are always associated with innovation, development and Noriaki Kano is no exception. He is a professor at Tokyo University and inventor of the Kano model. This model offers a plan of product development that causes fewer problems during production process. This model of business management suits any type of industry, regardless of the product or service. In order to win the hearts of customers Kano came up with a methodology that exceeds the expectations of the customers. He
classifies customer preferences into five categories. This time we will discuss them based on the example of eye drops Rohto Hydra.

Attractive Quality

These attributes provide satisfaction when achieved fully, but do not cause dissatisfaction when not fulfilled.

• Rohto Hydra has unique package. The glass is transparent and looks like a beautiful cosmetic accessory. Its cap has closing function that prevents dust from entering the bottle. All these features are not necessary for the medication, yet they attract more customers.

• The medicine is available in all the pharmacies of Georgia and can be easily obtained without medical receipt. Also the medicine has delivery service. The easier it is to get a medicine and, the more satisfied the customer is.

One-dimensional Quality

The more of these requirements that are met, the more a client is satisfied

• The active ingredient of Rohto Hydra is the fiber substance that dissolves in water well and does not cause allergy. When choosing certain medicine customers pay a lot of attention to its side effects, especially whether it causes allergy. Hence no allergic medication satisfies customers more.

• These eye drops are relatively viscous than other similar drops. Subsequently, it protects mucous membrane from being entered by dust. It positively affects the increase of customer satisfaction.

• The bottle of Rohto Hydra can be used for 6 months after being opened, whereas, similar eye drops have less product lifetime. Concerning its lifelong usage, the medicine is more economic and saves your money. This is one of the factors that increase the customer satisfaction.


Must-be Quality

Simply stated, these are the requirements that the customers expect and are taken for granted. When done well, customers are just neutral, but when done poorly, customers are very dissatisfied.

• Rohto Hydra is a high quality and effective medicament. The quality and fast acting effect are those features that the customer expects in the first place.

• In contrast to its competitors, the medicament has 8-hour effect. It moisturizes eye for a long time, maintains humidity and relieves irritation as well as removes eye strain and fatigue. This is the major feature of the medicine.

Indifferent Quality

These attributes refer to aspects that are neither good nor bad, and they do not result in either customer satisfaction or customer dissatisfaction.

• Rohto Hydra is made using latest Freshkick technology. This criterion is good, yet it does not result in customer satisfaction. Since, the quality and effectiveness are major features of the product; the technology through which it was created does not matter to the customer.

Reverse Quality
These attributes refer to a high degree of achievement resulting in dissatisfaction and to the fact that not all customers are alike.

• Rohto Hydra consists of menthol ingredient that cools eye and stings at first that might cause certain discomfort for some customers.

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