Georgian singer Keta Topuria performs in video supporting Putin in elections
08 March, 2018
Russian-based Georgian singer Keta Topuria, lead singer of A-Studio pop band, caused another scandal around her by performing together with Russian pop stars in the new video aimed at supporting Vladimir Putin and his movement Putin Team in upcoming presidential elections.
Keta Topuria. Still from the video

"Together we are stronger, if he is with us/we are stronger and he shows us the way - our guiding star," reads the lyrics of the song.
Still from the video

The video
has accumulated many dislikes and negative comments, including negative comments from the Russian population as well.

Keta Topuria is not the only Georgian singer who performs in the video. Another Russian-based Georgian singer, Grigory Lepsveridze, known as Grigory Leps also participated in the video.

Grigory Leps was born Grigory Lepsveridze in the city of Sochi, Russian SFSR in an ethnically Georgian family.

As a reminder, a few days ago Keta Topuria called on her fans to participate in upcoming presidential elections in Russia, what was followed by negative reactions from Georgian society. As a result, Georgian singer was strictly criticized by Georgian social media users.
Keta Topuria. Still from the video

As Keta explained later, she just addressed people to participate in elections and not to support one particular candidate.

Keta Topuria has been involved in music industry since childhood. In 1998, she graduated from Gogi Sudradze Music School in Tbilisi, and in 2003, graduated music school with a specialty in vocals. Also in 2003, Topuria was accepted into the State University of Georgia psychology department, but declined after being selected to replace Polina Griffith in the popular Russian group A-Studio and moved to Moscow.
Keta Topuria while living and performing in Georgia

In March 2005, she became as the new vocalist at A-Studio, position she occupies up to now.

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