Cycling and walking routes to be arranged in Tbilisi Botanical Garden
12 March, 2018
Cycling and walking routes to be arranged in Tbilisi Botanical Garden
Tbilisi Botanical Garden will be upgraded soon and offer many novelties to its visitors. As Tbilisi City Hall has reported, National Botanical Garden of Georgia will undergo changes and new facilities will be added to its territory. Adventure tours, bike and walking lanes will be arranged at the area as well. Rehabilitation works will be carried out within the frames of Tsavkisitskali Gorge Development Project initiated by Kartu Foundation.

According to Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze, adventure tours and visitor center
will be arranged in the garden that will add more functions to the area. Additionally, the project will make Botanical Garden more accessible to the visitors and promote development of its tourist potential.
Kakha Kaladze

“Botanical Garden is very important due to its functions and location. Many developed cities would love to have such place in the center of the city. We have an opportunity to develop it even more. We are launching very serious project that will incorporate entire Tsavkisitskali Gorge within Botanical Garden of Georgia. At the territory lanes for cycling and walking will be set up as well as visitor center will be arranged. The garden will have alternative entrance with parking lot. Cyclists will have an opportunity to ride a bike along 4 kilometer lane in a beautiful gorge located in the city center” Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze elaborated.
Tbilisi Botanical Garden pictured from above

As the Mayor said, this is a present from Foundation Kartu to the city. According to Nikoloz Chkhetiani, Head of Kartu Foundation, the charity foundation has carried out a number of projects already.
Japanese corner arranged in Botanical Garden

“Kartu Foundation has been assisting and providing financial aid to Tbilisi Botanical Garden for last 20 years. Many projects have been carried out in the garden through our assistance. This latest one will benefit the garden as well as increase the number of visitors.”
Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Arranging adventure tours and fully using its potential was part of international experts’ recommendations. Currently the garden is stretched over 97 hectares that also incorporates Tsavkisitskali Gorge. The latter one is notable for its distinct landscape and unique nature.

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