Taximeters to be installed in Tbilisi taxi cabs
13 March, 2018
Taximeters to be installed in Tbilisi taxi cabs
The city government is working on intruding regulations taxi service in Tbilisi. According to the new reform, issuance of permits and obtaining of licenses for taxi drivers will become obligatory.

As reported by Tbilisi City Hall, the goal of the new law is ensuring comfort and safety for passengers while traveling.

The reform will be presumably implemented in several stages. At the initial stage, obtaining taxi driver licence and attaching taxi sign onto will be obligatory as well.

The goal
of the new law is ensuring comfort and safety for passengers

Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Maia Bitadze made some explanations related with the taxi service permit regulation.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi, taxi drivers will have to pay so called fee only once. This tax will be much less for the owners of the hybrid and electric cars.
As reported by Maia Bitadze, the taxi service regulation will be implemented in three stages.
Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Maia Bitadze

“According to the bill, the first phase of the reform implies issuing a permit document; it will be a simple procedure. The procedure of receiving the permission will be quite easy; it will be possible to get electronically or manually. It depends which way is more comfortable for the person who wants to deliver his service to clients.

Once taxi driver registers, he pays the fee and gets permission. The owner of the permission will be obliged to stick driver's license form inside the car salon while providing the passenger with service. Having taxi sign is also obligatory” explained Maia Bitadze, Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi.
The second phase of the reform implies making taxi safer

The second phase of the reform implies making taxi safer. Tbilisi City Hall we also think about establishing the technical inspection in 2019.

At the third stage of the reform, within three years, taxi drivers will be obliged to install taximeters, what will make taxi faremore reliable. According to Maia Bitadze , new regulations will be very important to tourists and persons with disabilities as well.

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