All Gudauri cables are in order and will resume operating, Head of Tourism Administration reports
16 March, 2018
As the Head of the National Tourism Administration has reported in relation to Gudauri Ski Resort accident, cables in the resort will start operating again.

"Other cables will resume operation and they do not need to be inspected" , Giorgi Chogovadze, Head of the National Tourism Administration announced.

"There is no need of inspecting other cables. All of them are in order and this was confirmed by various inspection acts. These ski lifts were built by the world’s best specialist,"
said Giorgi Chogovadze.

He told journalists “everything will be done to minimize the threats engendering the image of the country.”

According to him, the main thing now is the health condition of the injured, while all the rest issues will be responded in the near future.

According to the latest reports, 11 people were injured in the ski lift crash in Gudauri today.

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