Pamela Anderson rolling around in chair in Georgian designer’s cat sunglasses
28 March, 2018
Pamela Anderson, famous Canadian American actress and model has appeared in the chic sunglasses by internationally acclaimed Georgian designer George Keburia. The model has posted a video were she is wearing Keburia’s sunglasses and is rolling around in chair. The designer has spread this video to his social media account as well. It is not the first time when international stars and celebrities appear with the cutting-edge sunglasses by famous Georgian designer.
George Keburia, Georgian designer

Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Kourtney
Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Elsa Hosk, Slick Woods and many many others have been spotted wearing Keburia’s distinctive sunglasses. His red sunglasses have been featured on the cover of SURFACE magazine, an American publication covering design, architecture, fashion, culture and travel too.

Apart from sunglasses Keburia designs various clothes that are widely popular among local and foreign celebrities as well.  If during the times of Audrey Hepburn such narrow cat sunglasses existed she would definitely have a several pairs of it.
Rihanna wearing George Keburia

“With the world as visually oversaturated as it is today, it can take a lot for an emerging fashion designer to get noticed. Occasionally, though, it takes just one item; for Georgian designer George Keburia, it was a pair of sunglasses that were a game-changer”, writes about Keburia.


“Sleek and angular, Rihanna was seen wearing a red pair on the pages of Dazed as part of Harley Weir’s Nocturnal Activities cover story, Solange has been snapped in a pair, and the designer counts Bella and Gigi Hadid as fans too. It’s no surprise they’ve proved a hit. The glasses strike a balance between effortless statement piece and curious design object, qualities that render them a must-have for the Insta-generation – yet another reminder that although the runway remains an essential outlet for the major brands, the fashion landscape is being increasingly shaped by social media.”
Gigi Hadid

“I wanted to mix an iconic cat eye silhouette with a more futuristic aesthetic to create shades that are equally classic, edgy and modern,” Keburia explains. “Strangely, a lot of our customers say that the glasses do not suit their face, but they still buy them. I think the reason is that it gives them a stronger aesthetic and makes them feel more confident.”
Victoria's Secret s Angel Elsa Hosk wearing George Keburia

“Entirely self-taught, Keburia dropped out of a course in business management to pursue a career in fashion, finding himself part of a wave of promising designers coming out of Georgia – a country whose fashion industry has had a spotlight shone upon it owing to the success of Demna Gvasalia”, magazine reports.
Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Solange Knowles on SURFACE cover

Keburia’s clothes are characterized by combination of the odd and attractive. His latest collections have been hailed as vision of high-tech femininity. His collection is full of sharply constructed, precise pieces that were rooted in classic elegance, while still subversive enough to look strikingly cutting-edge. “Keburia’s propensity for contrasting elements, such as voluminous sleeves worn with long skin-tight gloves, and sheer dresses adorned with feathers, result in a unique brand of femininity. His designs go beyond the functionality of clothing, offering a sense of fashion escapism”, this how Dazed describes young designers style.

Kendall Jenner

“George Keburia knows how to add some polish to the underground cool vibe that Tbilisi is known for”, says Liana Satenstein, fashion writer at VOGUE.
“Though his more-is-more looks, like the exaggerated polka dot tops, were entertaining, the subdued pieces are where Keburia shined. A pair of low-slung black silk trousers with an attached frill that created a flare had just the right amount of cool, as did a simple peasant top shown with an eyelet clasped corset. Little slivers of sexy show that Keburia doesn’t need anything over-the-top to prove that he’s a top talent to watch out for in Tbilisi” reads the review at VOGUE on Keburia’s Tbilisi Spring 2018.

George Keburia

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