Pre-trial detention ordered for eight people detained at Tbilisi clubs for illegal drug trade
15 May, 2018
Pre-trial detention has been ordered for eight persons detained for drug trade. Detention was demanded by the Prosecutor’s Office, while the lawyers were demanding release of the defendants on bail.

All the eight detainees are very young. The average age of the detainees is 20-24 years.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Internal Affairs carried out a special operation at Tbilisi’s one of the first and most popular night clubs Bassiani and Café Gallery on May 12 and arrested eight
Tbilisi City Court

As reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the reason behind the special operation was to detain drug dealers who supposed to be at the venues.

Minister of Internal Affairs Giorgi Gakharia said that police decided to enter night clubs after increased cases of intoxication by drugs and confirmation of cases of illegal drug trade in the clubs.
Special forces in Bassiani. May 12

As Giorgi Gakharia told reporters, there have been 48 facts of hospitalization of citizens from the clubs over the past two weeks, which became a reason for conducting the special operation.

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs recorded 20 cases of selling drugs in the clubs. The Ministry states with full responsibility that there have been 48 facts of hospitalization of citizens from the clubs due to intoxication by drugs over the past two weeks. That's why the Ministry of Internal Affairs was forced to take those steps", - said Giorgi Gakharia.

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