When Bassiani and Café Gallery night clubs will resume functioning?
15 May, 2018
The date when Bassiani and Café Gallery night clubs will resume working is unknown. As, the representatives of night clubs say,at this stage both clubs are closed, (sealed), the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia are present at the venues and they do not know when they will be able to open doors to
the people.
Bassiani, one of the most popular nightclubs in Georgia

According to one of the representatives of Bassiani night club, Zviad Gelbakhiani, the meeting with Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia is appointed for today, after which the date when the clubs will resume functioning might become clear.

“At this stage, we do not have any official information about the date when we will be able to resume working. Today, the meeting is appointed with Interior Minister and supposedly he will give us the specific answer. I still feel hopeful. At this stage, the club is sealed and no one is allowed inside. We are all stressed, especially the people who were supporting us. However, as I see, they have the motivation to fight and I suppose that after some time more and more people will join us and we will have more supporters then before”, stated Gelbakhiani.
Bassiani underground club

The lawyer Khatuna Khurtsilava is going to address Interior Minister, Chief Prosecutor and Public Defender, about opening the Café Gallery night club during the day. According to the lawyer, she also negotiates with the Prosecutor on this issue.

“The club is sealed and we are not allowed to enter the space. I am preparing the letter to the Public Defender, Interior Minister and Chief Prosecutor. Moreover, I am negotiating with the Prosecutor and he is waiting for the higher command,” stated lawyer Khatuna Khurtsilava.
Cafe Gallery terrace , Tbilisi

The above-mentioned clubs are sealed after the special operations were conducted on May 12. Police raided Georgia’s most popular and frequently visited night clubs, Bassiani and Café Gallery. As the representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs say, the reason behind the special operation was to detain drug dealers who supposed to be at the venues.

Minister of Internal Affairs Giorgi Gakharia said that police decided to enter night clubs after increased cases of intoxication by drugs and confirmation of cases of illegal drug trade in the clubs.
Cafe Gallery, Tbilisi

As it is known 8 people allegedly selling different kinds of drugs were arrested, additionally several dozens of people were detained, who were later released.

On May 14, pre-trial detention was ordered for eight people detained at Tbilisi clubs for illegal drug trade. Both clubs are extremely popular dance venues in Tbilisi that have contributed to developing Georgian clubbing scene.

Bassiani is frequently referred to as the New Berghain by international media and it has been included in some of the best clubs around the world. The club is located underground, in a former swimming pool and hosts various celebrated international and local artists of techno scene.

As for Café Gallery, located on Rustaveli Avenue in an old building, it is one of the first clubs and electronic music scenes in Tbilisi that also incorporates a café and is famous for its friendly atmosphere.

Both venues are popular with tourists and locals as well.
Cafe Gallery dance floor

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