Tourists from Philippines perform joyful dance at Georgia's popular sites
21 May, 2018
An amazing video made in Georgia by tourists from the Philippines have gone viral on the internet. The footage was shot in winter and features foreign travelers dancing at different sites in Georgia.

“My friends and I are based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are from the Philippines. The video showcases the different beautiful places in Georgia”, says Nhey Dayrit , author of the video in conversation with Georgian Journal.

As one of the authors of the video says, they
have traveled together to several countries and their trip to Georgia is one of the most memorable trips they have had.

“We've travelled to several countries and our trip to Georgia is one of the most memorable trips we've had. We have been in the UAE for over 10 years now. It was another Christmas away from home and we thought we would spend it in an entirely different way. And indeed, we've made the right decision in choosing Georgia as our holiday destination. We were amazed with Georgia's stunning beauty and history. It is packed with natural wonders. Our first white Christmas in Georgia is one of the highlights of the trip. The video itself showcases Georgia's beauty at its finest and it is without regret that we've done our very first flash mob in this country. There's truly no place like Georgia!” says the tourist.

The video features three friends who call their bond “C-Force” having fun and enjoying their holidays in Georgia. The video is a wonderful demonstration that life is about enjoying simple things and being happy is not difficult at all.

Here is another video shot in Georgia by “C-Force”

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