Georgia’s techno club Bassiani opens after being locked by police for 11 days
23 May, 2018
Bassiani, one of the most popular underground clubs not only in Georgia but throughout Europe as well, has opened today after being sealed by police since the special operations conducted on May 12. The representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA) were presented at the venue and removed the seal from its doors.

One of the events in BASSIANI. Video credit: Saba Satseradze

As a reminder, special operation was carried out by police at Georgia's most popular night
clubs Bassiani and Cafe Gallery on May 12. The above-mentioned clubs have been sealed since the special operations. As the representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs say, the reason behind the special raid was to detain drug traders who have been tracked at the venues.

Bassiani has just opened

Cafe Gallery night club was opened on May 22. The representatives of criminal police finished working on both floors of the night club and unlocked the seal from Café Gallery doors. As for Bassiani, it still remained closed until today.
Special operation carried out by police at Georgia's most popular night clubs Bassiani and Cafe Gallery on May 12

The representatives of Bassiani have recently released the statement, saying that if the club will not be opened until June 1, it might be closed due to the financial loss of venue, since the place has been locked since May 12.
Dance floor of Bassiani

The representatives of Bassiani also announced the wave of mass protest in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. They addressed electronic music lovers and simply the humans fighting for freedom and equality to gather on Europe Square on May 27 for returning the club with Joint forces.
We dance together, we fight together," reads the banner

It is noteworthy that special operations in Georgia’s night clubs Bassiani and Café Gallery has been spotlighted by Resident Advisor, world-famous online music magazine and community platform dedicated to showcasing electronic music, artists and events across the globe.

Resident Advisor has recently published the article about Georgia’s popular underground club Bassiani and dramatic events that has recently occurred around it.

“Bassiani has remained closed since the May 12th raids, which, along with the closure of Cafe Gallery, sparked a protest rave outside Parliament Of Georgia and saw the country's Minister Of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Gakharia, issue an apology and promise to change Georgia's strict drug policies. "Despite the negotiations, none of the agreed conditions have been fulfilled," the club said in a Facebook statement on Saturday night. The club is still closed and we have already met the first Friday without Bassiani," reports Resident Advisor.
Bassiani is one of the most popular and frequently visited night clubs in Georgia

According to the magazine, the armed raids had been part of the government's response to five drug deaths over the past two weeks, which the authorities claim are linked to Bassiani.

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