Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia’s latest fashion – PASSPORT BOOTS
07 June, 2018
Renowned Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia came up with yet another bizarre fashion item that already became a new topic of discussion and attracted a massive interest. The designer’s famous label Vetements manufactured red high boots with a print of a passport. If you have a close look at the boots you will see that Russian red passport is transferred onto the shoes. This is how the shoes are called “PASSPORT BOOTS”.
The image of the new boots emerged on the
Vetements Instagram account. As the Vetements Instagram account reports, the unusual shoes will be available in fall/winter 2019 collection.

Demna Gvasalia in the Balenciaga studios, Paris. Photo credit: The Times

It is not the first case when Georgian well-known designer shocks the world of fashion with his peculiar product. His other items that turned the world fashion industry upside down, are DHL t-shirts, IKEA bags as well as shoes with grandma’s old-style tablecloth print, large blanket bags, high-heel crocs, and worn-out Balenciaga sneakers that spread across the globe and became a top trend among teenagers and youth.

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Blanket bag. Available here

Vetements yet another novelty is blue slip-ons with the USA passport print.
PASSPORT SLIP-ONS. Photo credit: Vetements

Demna Gvasalia is the first most courageous designer who dared and made a revolution in today's fashion world through his extravagant, plain and unusual style. He is the favorite designer of Kanye West, Rihanna and many other celebrities.

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