What illnesses did Stalin suffer from?
15 June, 2018
Joseph Stalin was one of the most controversial leaders. Born in Georgia’s city of Gori, he became the leader of the USSR. He was loved and feared, disgusted and glorified. Legends surrounding his name are known to everyone, more or less, but not everybody knows the reason of his unexpected death. Some think there was a conspiracy; others say it was a natural death, caused by his illnesses.

Georgian Journal got interested what was the reason behind Stalin’s death and decided
to find out more about the illness of the so- called “Great Chief”.
Stalin during working process. Photo courtesy:

During the times of Soviet Union, documents about Stalin’s illnesses were classified. Nobody could reach materials held in his personal fund. The reason for that was to show, that Stalin, the dictator had no weaknesses. Leak of information about his illness would prove counter position and it was unacceptable for the Politburo, the principal policy making committee in the former Soviet Union, founded in 1917.
Young Stalin. Photo courtesy: wikipedia

There were gossips that Stalin was suffering from paranoia, but it is just a rumor. This rumor is the most spread one in the western countries and the western leaders would explain repressions carried out by Stalin by this reason. In fact, those who suffer with paranoia cannot rule a country for a long time.

All of the materials revealing Stalin’s illness were published in 2016.
Special pictures were printed to support Stalin's propaganda regime. Photo

By the end of 1920 Stalin had suffered several illnesses: he had his blind intestine cut out in 1921. The operation went bad. He was removed part of his stomach in the aftermath of surgery. He was on the edge of death. In 1908 Stalin suffered from typhus. In childhood, a carriage rolled over his left hand and got it damaged. He never got over.
Stalin and Lavrenti Beria, chief of the Soviet security and secret police apparatus (NKVD). Photo courtesy:

Stalin used to suffer from angina as well. A glass of cold water was enough for him to feel sick. In 1923 he was diagnosed with neurasthenia. He used to often complain about dizziness. Sometimes he would tell doctors that he gets forgetful. The reason for that was his busy schedule and work regime.
Stalin and Vladimir Lenin. Photo courtesy:

Because of his incurable illnesses, Stalin used to joke that even doctors were unable to know how to recover him. Stalin believed that wine was an ultimate remedy for any illness. He enjoyed vacations on the Black Sea resorts in Sochi and Gagra. But even on vacations, he used receive state documents, make decisions about government issues and host foreign leaders.
Stalin and Mao Zedong, Chairman of the Communist Party of China. Photo courtesy:

Stalin used to enjoy Georgian Supra with narrow circle of his friends, he used to like Georgian wine as well, but in 1944 he was forbidden to drink wine and beer due to his poor health problems.
Text says - We are heading to communism, following Lenin's path. Photo courtesy:

Busy schedule and work regime during WWII had negative impact on Stalin’s health. Between 1937 and 1945 Stalin had been working without taking a long term vacation, in 1944 he suffered heavy illness. He did not attend funeral of her mother as well.
Stalin used to read a lot, even while having rest

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