Georgian scout who turned Irina Shayk and Natalia Vodianova into models
19 June, 2018
Names of Irina Shayk, Natalia Vodianova and Ekaterina Elizarova are famous all over the world, but not everybody is aware that they were discovered by Georgian man. This man was Giorgi (Guia) Jikidze, legendary scout and model agent, founder of Grace Model Management, an internationally reputed model management agency.

Guia died at the age of 46. Officially, it is said that he died because of heart attack, but real reason is still unknown.
Guia Jikidze and Natalia Vodianova. Photo courtesy:

was born in Krasnodar. Before the foundation of Grace Model Agency, he worked for another one, called Viva. His task was to find future stars, who would conquer world stages and become prominent models. He was really good in his job.
Irina Shayk in her youth. Photo courtesy:

Apart from Shayk and Vodianova, Guia has found models like Victoria Dronova, who claimed the title of Miss Russia in 1990. Others are top-model Inna Zobova, Eugenia Volodina, Elena Melnik and Olga Sherer.
Natalia Vodianova is 36 years old. Photo courtesy:

Guia was both a real professional and a good friend. He managed to stay in a very warm relationship with every model. Today, when these girls remember him, they speak with utter respect.

Guia discovered Irina Shayk in Nizhny Novgorod, during one of local beuty contests.
Irina Shayk is one of the most demanded model. Photo courtesy:

“My sister was interested in cosmetic industry. She once asked me to go with her to another city” – says Irina Shayk when speaking about her past, “I was offered to take part in beauty contest “Supermodel – 2004” and I won. Guia Jikidze found me there. After a year I moved to Paris”.
Natalia Vodianova. Photo courtesy:

“He was a perfect scout” – remembers Natalia Vodianova about Guia, “Maybe he was the only agent, who not only was searching for models, but also who worried and took care of them”. Soon after meeting with Guia, Natalia signed a deal with one of German model agencies. Natalia became one of the most prominent models afterwards.

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