The first president of Georgia receives a letter - story for Father's Day
19 June, 2018
A lot of people around the world celebrate a Father’s Day on June 19. The first thing that probably comes to Georgians’ mind about the day is a letter to the first president of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia from his father, distinguished Georgian writer Konstantine Gamsakhurdia . The letter reveals interesting attitudes and the relationship between a father and a child.
Konstantine and Zviad Gamsakhurdias, Photo courtesy:

In December, 1955 16-year-old Zviad Gamsakhrudia received a letter from his father:

“If we are not
together, I hardly ever think that you are not acting as a reasonable man. On the one hand, I am sad that your childhood is coming to end and on the other hand, I am happy that you are soon to understand all my wishes and stand by me. Probably, I have translated the words of Homer for you: " I swear the name of Zeus, Aglaia, the name of Zeus and the pain of my father".
Konstantine and Zviad Gamsakhurdias, Photo courtesy:

We live in a grave world and it is about time you began preparing yourself as an honorable man of your country. I have read the biographies of your beloved musicians on my way. All of them had been seeking for great deeds from earlier ages. Remember, the life becomes a weary journey if one does not seek for superior intentions. Otherwise, it turns into a futile and boring life of plants and animals. Take my life as an example: if I had not envisioned myself as a warrior of great deeds, the fierce storms that I have resisted would have destroyed me."
Zviad Gamsakhurdia, the first president of Georgia, Photo courtesy:

Georgia held a referendum on restoring its pre-Soviet independence on March 31, 1991. 90.08% of Georgians voted in its favour. The Georgian parliament passed a declaration of independence on April 9, 1991. As a result, the 1918–1921 Georgian Sovereign state was restored and Gamsakhurdia was elected President in the election of May 26 with 86.5% per cent of the vote on a turnout of over 83%. Apart from his presidential career, he was a gifted writer and scholar.
Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, prominent Georgian writer, Photo courtesy:

His father Konsantine Gamsakhurdia is recognized as one of the most influential novelists in Georgia. The Right Hand of the Grand Master and David the Builder are considered as his best works. His language is precious for Georgian as he was imitating an archaic language to create a sense of classicism.

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