Transparency International Georgia publishes a survey about the most trusted Georgian Institutions
20 June, 2018
One of the leading non-governmental organization Transparency International Georgia conducted surveys on current issues. The first question was about corruption. 99% of polled said that neither them, nor members of their families were given bribe in return for receiving public service in the last 12 months. Meanwhile, 36% of people are certain that Georgian state and public officers take advantage of power for their personal gain.
1% had been given a bribe in return for receiving public service, while 99% had
never had such experience in the last 12 months
15% thinks power misconduct is very common from Georgian officials, only 5 % believes it is uncommon at all

Which institutions are best trusted in Georgia? - The poll has revealed that traditionally the majority of Georgians (76%) trust Georgian Orthodox Church. It is followed by teachers (65%) and doctors (50%). Police and local governments are trusted by 36% and 32% respectively. The president, who holds the minimum rights by the constitution, is more trusted (41%) than the Prime Minister (27%). The survey was conducted in March and it overlooks the latest scandal – the president pardoned a prisoner accused of domestic violence.
The highest index of full trust goes to religious institutions (53%) and the least trustworthy is media for Georgians (4%).

The least trusted institutions include the parliament (17%) and the court (20%). The majority of people polled (60%) have dual attitude towards the media and they partially trust it. Attitude towards the issue that institutions serve the interests of the ruling party, is the following: Most people agree that Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Security Service and Prosecutor’s office serve the interests of the governing party by 57%, 55% and 55% respectively. 58% thinks that the Judicial System is under the influence of the party and 51% thinks that the system is biased.

The Judicial system is thought to be under the influence of the ruling party by 58%, while only 10% considers it to be under the influence of the opposition

Should a person serve a sentence for using drugs? – The poll has showed that the majority of people surveyed (45%) believe that law enforcement agencies employ the method of planting drugs for the purpose of detaining certain people. Meanwhile, 36% justify “searches” carried out by law enforcement agencies (inspecting people, cars, etc.). 72% believe that people should go to prison for using light drugs (e.g. Marijuana). 56% share the same attitude towards club drugs.
Majority of the polled think people should not go to prison for using light and club drugs, while using intravenous drugs is less justified

The interviewees were asked about the church as well. The majority of them, 61%, think that church should be financed by the state budget. While the 48% consider that the attitude towards the Patriarchate has changed negatively during last years.

Only 30% thinks that the church should not be financed by the state budget as opposed to 61% who agrees the statement
28 % thinks attitude towards the patriarchate has changed positively, while 16% thinks the attitude remains the same as in the past

The questionnaire also referred to the issue of the Azerbaijani journalist disappeared from Tbilisi last year. The majority of 18% questioned consider that Afgan Mukhtarli was kidnapped by Georgian forces and extradited to Azerbaijan. 15% think he was kidnapped by Azeri forces with help of Georgian side.
The majority 19% of the surveyed have never heard about Afgan Mukhtarli, while 6% thinks he himself crossed the Georgian-Azeri border

The survey was conducted on March 3-28, 2018. There were carried out 1843 interviews throughout Georgia. Average margin of error constitutes to 2,8 %.

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