Wounded Georgian singer Irakli Nozadze feels better
27 June, 2018
On June 25 famous Georgian singer and member of band “Street Boys” Irakli Nozadze was wounded in Tbilisi . Today he was removed from the artificial respiratory apparatus. According to the doctors, his health condition is stable. His wife says that Irakli feels fine and is able to think and speak.

The motive of the crime is still unclear however police has detained two women. One of them is 29 years old Tamta Janjghava. She is the one who is charged
with attempted murder and faces 7-15 years in jail if convicted. The other women is 24 years old Natia Topuria who faces 2-4 years in jail for not reporting the crime.
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Irakli Nozadze was stabbed in chest. According to eye witnesses, Irakli was at home on Tsereteli avenue, when two girls asked him to come down and speak with them. Irakli came down and sat in their car, but after few seconds came out and was asking for help. He was fully in blood.
Irakli Nozadze with his wife. Photo courtesy:

According to Irakli’s neighbours, 29 years old Tamta Janjghava used to live in the same flat and moved a week ago. They also admit that Tamta left impression of a vulgar woman.
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One of the neighbors of Tamta says, that attempted murder is connected with drugs affair. Attempted murder happened because of drugs. The price for drugs was GEL 50.
Band "Street Boys" used to record songs with other Georgian singers. Photo courtesy:

“As I know, there are two sisters. Older one is involved in the case. Everything happened for drugs that amount to GEL 50. She had to deliver drugs, so she had arrived, called Irakli and wounded him” – says the neighbor.
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Band “Street Boys” used to be very popular in Georgia, especially a decade ago. It was a group of four men, who enjoyed attention from teenagers, mostly from girls. But few years ago the group was dismantled and its members continued their career in different spheres.
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