The mayor of Tbilisi has announced a Car Park Technical Inspection
02 July, 2018
Starting from the 1st of July Tbilisi City Hall will be holding a car park technical inspection. It has been announced by the mayor Kakha Kaladze that the inspection will be held in order to reduce the effect of air pollution. Those with a registered Georgian numbers, all vehicles will be obliged to pass the periodic technical inspection.
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“In the capital one of the most important and to be urgently solved problems are air pollution. I
have spoken about this more than once and I’d like to say that the municipalities will have to come to a sharp conclusion for the next months and years ahead to ensure total control of both the transport policy and environmental protection. I really hope that the public will be supportive and encouraging of my decision as the government will have to take difficult steps in order to go through this direction however, this will be vital for not only our children but future generations to come.” – Kaladze said.
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According to the mayor this is the first major step to reduce the effect of air pollution.

“I would like to assign the structures under the mayor immediate implementation of the vehicles' technical inspection. There is a same approach and attitude towards the central government.”
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According to the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, the inspection center with 37 modern standards has already been implemented. Their number will gradually increase. The website will be formed with the aim to facilitate the simplification and improvement of periodic technical inspection process and allow users to plan for technical inspection at any available inspection centers at their desired time and date.

For those interested in the process and conditions of the periodic technical inspection the Hotline 1484 is always available for relevant information.

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