Wizz Air Airplane made an emergency landing in Kutaisi Airport
02 July, 2018
Wizz Air aircraft flight towards Dortmund made an emergency landing in Kutaisi International Airport this morning. According to one of the flight passengers the airplane faced brake problems.

“Five minutes before the flight, the pilot had announced that everything was in order to perform the flight, bust as soon as we were in the air, we had to make an emergency landing. As I was informed the airplane faced brake problems. The information is still not confirmed however, the landing was
somewhat difficult. I was also told that a smoke appeared at the back part of the airplane.” – Said the passenger
Wizz Air aircraft in Kutaisi International Airport, Photo courtesy:

According to the information gathered by the passenger they’re currently in Kutaisi airport waiting for the official response from the company regarding the reasons of the incident.

As stated in the airport, according to the airline Wizz Air the aircraft was found to have software problems. The pilot decided to make an emergency landing. Engineers have inspected the plane and every problem is fixed and the flight will be performed in its usual way.

Regarding the smoke that appeared at the back of the airplane it was caused by the plane braking due to the speed.

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