A place where Tiflis meets Tbilisi – A new restaurant “Meama” opened in old Tbilisi
03 July, 2018
The unique space was added to old district of Tbilisi. A cozy restaurant “Meama” was opened in one of the blue balconied houses at Brother Zdanevich 8.
The restaurant offers dishes that are specially prepared with old and forgotten recipes for Georgian and foreign guests.
During the restaurant opening, guests had a ch
ance to taste those dishes that will be offered to future visitors with unique table settings. Here is a short list of the dishes that have been modernized by an internationally well-known chef, Levan Kobiashvili along with his group: Kaimagi ( Adjarian dish) with salmon and caviar, Felamushi cake ( Georgian sweet made with grapes), Sinori (Adjarian dish).
The founders of the restaurant believe that its unique value is not only due to its cookery but also Old Tbilisi atmosphere, views, historical value of the buildings, exclusive decorations. All of the mentioned features made the beautiful Georgian restaurant even more attractive.
“We will serve not only the best dishes to our guests but let them feel the aura of Old Tbilisi. It is well experienced in our halls and Georgian atmosphere."
“We offer old Georgian, but modernized dishes with European services. This was the aim, to create a place that would offer something different and unique, something that not every Georgian restaurant has” – says Irakli Kakhidze, one of the founders of Meama.
There was a surprise awaiting for guests, after they enjoyed beautiful views and amazing dishes. A lot of impressive prizes were drawn for them, but it was not the culmination of the evening. Singer Sopo Batilashvili, winner of Georgian song contests “Only Georgian”, was specially invited to accompany the evening. Sopo made the event even more joyful as she performed beautiful Georgian compositions.
“I like the idea of Meama very much. I think I will visit this place quite often, because there is a cool mix of old and new Georgian. What is important, is that the old is maintained and is getting enriched with new ideas. This is the most interesting” – says Sopo Batilashvili.
Now let’s say few words about this beautiful building. Saiatnova (Armenian poet and musician, who lived in Tbilisi) once lived in Brother Zdanovich 8. Balconies and veranda of the restaurant face the most spectacular view of Tbilisi.
A century ago cultural history was created in this building. Now, in the same building, Meama creates new history of modern Georgian culture and cuisine.

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